Because the demand for Web development has surged so have the amount of developers. It’s great for the evolution of the Web  but we understand that sometimes it can be hectic looking for the right Web developer or digital agency. Some specialize in only certain disciplines, some are more well rounded when it comes to a fully functional, online business model.

At the end of the day it all comes down to your needs and objectives. But to help you navigate your first few steps in finding the right Web development firm (and we certainly hope it’s us) here are 5 quick points by which you can start your assessment.

What does their website look like?

This is usually a dead giveaway as to what you can expect. If their website looks straight out of the 90’s, America Online days then chances are that’s what you’ll be getting. If their site doesn’t squash and stretch depending on browser dimension or device then neither will yours. If you climb into a Pinto you shouldn’t expect to hit McLaren speeds on the highway. The same goes for Web development.

Do they understand responsive design?

Back to the squash and stretch effect. There are so many variables that go into responsive design that it takes hours of testing to make sure your website has integrity throughout. Your site has to look good on every smartphone, every tablet, and every desktop. Not to mention every browser across all devices which are numerous these days. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and the list goes on. Skilled developers know these variables and will keep them in focus as they build your online presence so that everything fits.

Do they build for mobile first?

Everything Web development in today’s day and age revolves around mobile. And if anybody says otherwise they’re fibbing. Most searches are done on mobile first, then a bigger device later. Think of your own search habits. You search for information on the go, and if you need to, you save it to the cloud to look into it further when you get to a device with a larger screen. And guess what? So do your prospects. You want to look the part on any device and have consistency across any browser so they can get information from your website with ease of access.

Do they understand online marketing?

You may have all the marketing plans set to go as soon as your website is built. You may not need to hire any outside firm, but your web developer should know how to integrate social media and other elements essential to online marketing. They must know how to make your site visitor friendly so your conversion rates are as optimal as possible. Some developers are very talented in frameworks and design but only the most skilled know how to put it all together in a way that turns visitors into customers.

Do they really understand graphic design?

Remember, Web development and Web design are two different things. A developer can be an absolute virtuoso of building frameworks, structuring databases etc but be the bottom of the barrel when it comes to aesthetics. One works hand in hand with the other to form a perfect union of looks and brains. You can have a fantastically built frame complete with forms and buttons but if the color scheme isn’t right, or elements are in the exact places where the visitor will want to see them then conversions will slip through the cracks. In other words, looks do matter.

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